Statement Islands
Highlighting your island with different materials/colours can add heaps of character and style to an otherwise standard space.
New Country
Darker, warmer timber & blackened finishes separate this design trend from the Modern Farmhouse trend.
Modern Mediterranean
The walls and flooring are still kept fairly subdued, but you can go to town with colour when it comes to sofas, armchairs and artwork.
Materials like terrazzo, twisted cord, rattan, travertine and velvet may be present.
Earthy Eclectic
This is the new "boho"! Layering warm, earthy colours like mustard and terracotta alongside natural rattan and textures of rich velvet makes for an exotic fusion.
Division Of Environments
Creating division in a space using natural materials such as wood, glass and metal can create a sense of privacy without feeling "closed" off from the rest of the space.
Black Hardware
Bye, bye brass and hello black! Black anchor's the eye and adds a "wow" factor without having to add color.
Vienna Straw
Vienna straw is back in fashion but revisited in a contemporary way - very classy!
Sustainable Natural Fabrics
Sustainable fabrics and alternatives such as animal-free leather and worm-free silk are gaining popularity. People are becoming increasingly concerned with how and where and by whom interior products are made.
Tan & Cognac Leather
Warm and comforting tones that can look just as good in 15 years and still be in style.
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